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Search Engine Optimization: How it Works and What it Does

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of enhancing the quality and volume of site visitors to a site or a particular web page by search engines. SEO aims at increasing the number of inbound links to a site, which is a measure of popularity. The number of inbound links provided for a site by other sites increases the value of the site by the search engine. SEO is a very cost-effective way of getting good search engine rankings. Some basic steps must be followed to make your SEO efforts successful. These include choosing appropriate keywords or keyword phrases and writing rich content articles.

Keywords or keyword phrases are the phrases commonly used by the people in search of products or services. It includes a collection of keywords or keyword combinations. These keywords or keyword phrases should be easy to remember and identify. This helps in effective Search Engine Optimization.

Content should be well written and should answer the questions of the users. This helps in maximizing the potential of SEO efforts. For Search Engine Optimization to work, the content of a site should be well optimized. Creating content rich in keywords or keyword phrases is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Keyword density also plays an important role in creating content. Some techniques such as creation of Meta tags are also adopted by SEO experts for improving rankings.

Using a periodic table or spreadsheet is another option for creating content. The most important and relevant information is displayed for users. These keywords or keyword phrases should be included in the title of the page, and eventually in the meta description. An example of a periodic table is given below. In the first column, the column refers to the highest ranking factor which is inclusive of the average number of times the keyword appears, the rank of the website where it appears and the rank of the search engine on the internet. The second column shows the minimum number of times the keyword appears, the average occurrence and the rank of the website on the net.

Relevance is another important concept for Search Engine Optimization.

This concept helps in increasing the relevance of the web pages. If a page is relevant to the search engine, then there will be a natural flow of traffic to the specific page. For instance, if a particular webpage is created for selling a particular product, then it can be assumed that the visitor might need this product. Therefore, creating content relevant to the product is very essential to improve the Search Engine Optimization results.

There are many search engines available on the internet. Each one has its own ranking system. When people search for a particular keyword or phrase, then websites with a good ranking in the search engines appear at the top. To gain a good ranking, content should be unique, informative, reader-friendly, and easy to understand. Thus, it is necessary to have the right amount of traffic for a website to become popular and attain a good search engine optimization result.

SEO measures the presence and importance of a website in the given niche.

  • It mainly involves using keywords or phrases effectively in a document.
  • Keywords or phrases play an important role in Search Engine Optimization.
  • The higher the ranking of a website, the more chance of people visiting the site.

Therefore, to get a high rank higher traffic is necessary to achieve the optimization goals of the company or person doing the optimization.

While Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process, it requires continuous improvement and modifications. Some of the most effective off-page SEO factors include creating quality unique articles, optimizing the internal linking structure, analyzing the competitor’s websites, testing new links building strategies, testing the keyword relevancy, analyzing the competitor’s keywords and copywriting etc. For any successful Search Engine Optimization, the overall effectiveness of a company or person doing off-page SEO work is very much important.